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Minhaj-Ul-Muslim. IdentifierMinhaj-Ul-Muslim. Identifier-arkark://tt5b. OcrABBYY FineReader Page-progressionrl. Pages Minhaj Al-Muslim A comprehensive work by the great scholar Abu Bakr Jabir Al-Jaza'ri comprising all that concerns a Muslim. Minhaj-ul-Muslim briefly describes the way of living a blessed life that a Muslim should adopt as his/her lifestyle.

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Ebook Minhajul Muslim

Minhaj Al- Muslim is the collection of lectures that elaborates the different aspects of Muslim’s life Minhaj Ul Muslim (2 vols) Get the eBook Library App. The Dictates of the Islamic Law The Islamic Concept of Knowledge . The Minhaj-ul-Quran Movement: The Concept of Din. Minhaj-ul-Quran International | Minhaj Welfare Foundation | Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League | Minhaj Overseas | Muslim Christian Dialogue Forum (MCDF).

The Compassionate, the Merciful. Master of the Day of Judgement. You alone we worship, and You alone we ask for help. Guide us to the straight path: the path of those whom You have favoured, not the path of those against whom there is wrath, nor of those who are astray. How to measure this influence is of course the most challenging aspect of the publication, and the There are approximately 1. Influence the world today, making up A combination of social ence some Muslims have on this community, or metrics, public opinion we have a month-long on behalf of the community. Influence is: any per- open call for nominations every year, and all of the son who has the power be it cultural, ideological, suggestions are considered and expert opinion are financial, political or otherwise to make a change the basis of this attempt to measure influence. The that will have a significant impact on the Muslim achievements of a lifetime are given more weight world. Note that the impact can be either positive than achievements within the current year. People or negative, depending on ones point of view of who are trailblazers, or the lone voice in a remote course. The selection of people for this publication area are also taken into account as we give weight in no way means that we endorse their views; rather to people breaking barriers and to local influence as we are simply trying to measure their influence. This means that our list of The influence can be of a religious scholar directly names will change gradually, rather than dramati- addressing Muslims and influencing their beliefs, cally, year-on-year. This list acts as an opportunity ideas and behaviour, or it can be of a ruler shaping to shed some light on the many challenges and pio- the socio-economic factors within which people neering triumphs that are present at the very crux live their lives, or of artists shaping popular culture.

Shan e Awliya.

Kitab Minhajul Muslim

Professor Tahir ul Qadri. Irfan ul Quran. Al-Muhaddith-Download Hadith Books. Life of Muhammad saws - A. Why Should we Celebrate Birthday of Prophet saws?

Terjemah Minhajul Muslim

Milad e Rasul'Allah - Ibn Kathir. Milad un Nabi saws. Fazail e Darud. Shaykh Yusuf bin Ismail Nabhani. Rahmat ka Darya, Fazail e Darud. Bazm e Qadiriya. Aab e Kausar. Mufti Mohammad Amin. The Isra and Miraj: Shaykh Muhammad ibn Alawai al Maliki. Musharraf Hussain al-Azhari -English.

Falsafa e Saum Dr. Namaz ke Kitab. Mishkat al-Anwar: The Niche for Light. Imam al-Ghazali courtesy: The Alchemy of Happiness: Imam Al Ghazali coutesy: Qasida Burda: Imam Busairi. Dala'il ul Khayrat: Imam Jazuli.

Fusus al-Hikam The Seals of Wisdom: Muhiyy'd-din Ibn al-Arabi bewley. Risala Roohi: Hazrat Sultan Bahu.

Adab al-Suluk: Article 11 Validation of the former laws of blood money for Banu Nabeet And the emigrants from Banu Nabeet shall be responsible for their ward and they shall, according to their former approved practice, jointly pay the blood money in mutual collaboration and every group shall secure the release of their prisoners by paying the ransom.

Moreover, the deal among the believers shall be in accordance with the recognized principles of law and justice Article 12 Validation of the former laws of blood money for Banu Aws And the emigrants from Banu Aws shall be responsible for their ward and they shall, according to their former approved practice, jointly pay the blood money in mutual collaboration and every group shall secure the release of their prisoners by paying the ransom.

Article 13 Indiscriminate rule of law and justice for all the communities And every group shall secure the release of its captives ensuring that an indiscriminate rule of law and justice is applied among the believers.

Article 14 Prohibition of relaxation in execution of law The believers shall not leave a debtor among them, but shall help him in paying his ransom, according to what shall be considered fair. Article 16 Collective resistances against injustice, tyranny and mischief There shall be collective resistance by the believers against any individual who rises in rebellion, attempts to acquire anything by force, violates any pledge or attempts to spread mischief amongst the believers.

Such collective resistance against the perpetrator shall occur even if he is the son of anyone of them.

Article 17 Prohibition of killing a Muslim by a Muslim A believer shall not kill another believer in retaliation for an unbeliever, nor help an unbeliever against a believer. Article 18 Guarantee of equal right of life protection for all the Muslims The security of God granted under this constitution is one. This protection can be granted even by the humblest of the believers that would be equally binding for all. Article 19 Distinctive identity of the Muslims against other constitutional communities The believers shall be the associates of one another against all other people of the world.

Article 20 Non-Muslim minorities Jews have the same right of life protection like Muslims A Jew, who obeys us the state shall enjoys the same right of life protection as the believers do , so long as they the believers are not wronged by him the Jews , and he does not help others against them. Article 21 Guarantee of peace and security for all the Muslims bases on equality and justice And verily the peace granted by the believers shall be one.

If there is any war in the way of Allah, no believers shall make any treaty of peace with the enemy apart from other believers, unless that is based on equality and fairness among all. Article 22 Law of relief for war allies Every war ally of ours shall receive relief turns at riding at all military duties.

Article 23 Law of vengeance for the Muslims in case bloodshed in the way of Allah The believers shall execute vengeance for one another for the bloodshed in the way of Allah.

Article 24 Islam is the best code of life All the God-fearing believers are under the best and most correct guidance of Islam.

Article 25 Prohibition of providing security of life and property to the enemy No idolater or any non-believer among the clans of Medina shall give protection for property and life to any of the Quraysh because of their being hostile to the state of Medina nor shall intervene on his behalf against any believer.

Article 26 Execution of the law of retaliation for a Muslim murder When anyone intentionally kills a believer, the evidence being clear he shall be killed in retaliation, unless the heirs of the victim are satisfied with the blood money. All the believers shall solidly stand against the murderer and nothing will be lawful for them except opposing him. Article 27 No protection or concession for the doer of mischief and subversion against the constitution A believer who believes in God and in the Hereafter and agrees to the contents of this document shall not provide any protection or concession to those who engage in mischief and subversion against this constitution.

Those who do so shall face the curse and wrath of God on the Day of Resurrection. Furthermore, nothing shall be accepted from them as a compensation or restitution in the life hereafter. Article 28 The final and absolute authority in the disputes vests in Almighty Allah and Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him When anyone among you differs about anything, the dispute shall be referred to Almighty Allah and to the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him , as all final and absolute authority is vested in them.

Article 29 Proportionate liability of non-Muslim citizens the Jews in bearing the war expenses The Jews non-Muslim minorities will be subjected to a proportionate liability of the war expenses along with the believers so long as they the Jews continue to fight in conjunction with them.

Article 30 Guarantee of freedom of religion for both the Muslims and non-Muslim minorities the Jews The Jews of Banu Awf non-Muslim minorities shall be considered a community along with the believers. They shall be guaranteed the right of religious freedom along with the Muslims. The right shall be conferred on their associates as well as themselves except those who are guilty of oppression or the violators of treaties.

They will bring evil only on themselves and their family. Article 40 Equality of rights for all branches of the Jews All sub-branches of the Jews shall enjoy the same rights as granted to them the Jews.


Article 41 Final command and authority in military expeditions vests in the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him Verily none among the allies shall advance on a military expedition without the prior permission of the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him in whom vests the final command and authority.

Article 42 No exception from the law of retaliation There shall be no impediment on anyone who wished to avenge a wound. Article 43 Responsibility of unlawful killing Whoever commits an unlawful killing shall be responsible for it himself with his family members but he is exempted in case he kills a cruel.

Verily, Allah is the Trust Helper support those who adhere completely to this constitution. Article 44 Separate liability of war expenses The Jews and the Muslims shall bear their own war expenses separately. Article 45 Compulsory mutual help to one another in case of war There shall be mutual help between one another against those engage in war with the allies of this document.

Article 46 Mutual consultation and honourable dealing There shall be mutual consultation and honourable dealing between the allies and there shall be the fulfilment not the violation, of all pledges.

Article 47 Law of prohibition of treachery and help of the oppressed No one shall violate the pledge due to his ally and verily; help shall be given to the oppressed. Nawals excellence to the most pressing issues of our present knowledge of both Arabic and Italian enabled her moment. Nawal was born in Morocco and raised in Catania, That was the beginning and since then she has Italy. She is a known to those Syrians who have fled kept her phone by her side 24 hours a day.

Ever the horrors of war and other highly oppressive cir- since, she has received frantic calls at all hours and cumstancesoften in the most difficult and dan- acts as a liaison with the Italian Coast Guard for gerous situationsas The Angel of Refugees. It countless refugees at sea. As the son of Pakistani immigrants, he was elected Mayor of London in May at the age of At the time, Sadiq was a Labour Party MP representing the diverse neighborhood of Tooting, in which he was born and raised.

Not only is he the first Muslim Mayor of a major European capital, but in his successful campaign for Mayor, he took 57 percent of the vote which totaled 1,, voters giving him the largest personal mandate of any politician in UK history in which he pledged to be the Mayor for all Londoners. | Fatwa on Terrorism and Suicide Bombings (ebook), Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri |

Since being in office, he has frozen fares on the London tube and introduced the hopper bus ticket allowing Londons commuters to take two bus rides for the cost of one. Khan is implementing an ambitious affordable housing program, all of which come as welcome reforms for financially stressed Londoners in a city that has become increasingly too expensive for any but the well-to-do. A series of cowardly attacks ensued, but Khans response was swift and unequivocally reinstated his commitment to the safety and unity of Londoners.

Such heinous attacks are assumed to be the work of daish or by those radicalized by their violent propaganda. The fourth terrorist attack in London occurred in June when a Brit from Wales drove a van into a group of Muslims who had just attended late Ramadan prayers at a London mosque; an exam- ple of how Islamist terrorism stimulates a violent Islamophobia that can take a deadly turn.

Sadiq has worked closely with London security agencies and succeeded in thwarting 7 additional threats. His calm presence and hopeful messages during such potentially divisive times were praised even by his Conservative Party political opponents. Perhaps in this lies his greatest accomplishment: his election and sustained popularity in polls taken a year after taking office are proof that Londoners, in Sadiqs own words: have chosen hope over fear and unity over division.

The Muslim World Poll that ars, engineers, and scientist to compile data and Gallup undertook in the first decade of the 21st draw images of everything they saw and observed. It also matched these with impressions had ever seen. While there were colonial experi- that Westerners specifically European and North ences throughout the periphery of the Muslim Americans had of the Muslim world. This was not the first time, however, that the As extremism and terrorist acts in the name of heartland of the Muslim world was exposed to Islam, much of which is discussed below, became outsiders.

The Mongol invasion and sacking of more prevalent in the second decade of the 21st Baghdad in and the subsequent Mongol- century, another American based polling company, Muslim Sultanates that ruled over vast areas Pew, took on the task of further polling Muslim of Muslim land for centuries the last Mongol- attitudes and sentiments. Yet, tion, it is not surprising that the major findings of unlike the European experience in the Muslim the Gallup poll a decade earlier are still the same world, the Mongols had a more tolerant and syn- and not much has changed.

The gaps remain, cretic approach towards Islam and the other faiths and so do the opportunities. These two examples, they encountered, and they were able to subsume coupled with the fact that Islam is currently the Islamic thought, legal norms, and customs into worlds fastest growing religion, approximately their vast empire. This concern is true today more than all populations.

URDU: Minhaj-Ul-Muslim by Shaykh Abu Bakr Jabir Al-Jazari

These types of polls are used by cor- it ever was in the past. The world is itching to know porations to better market their products, by poli- how the Muslim world works, how it things, what ticians to better target their campaigns, by govern- it thinks, and how one can influence these patterns. One way of thinking about this phenomenon Organization, and American based polling com- is to think about the importance of influence.

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