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The Book of saints: a dictionary of servants of God canonized by the Catholic Church: bySt. Augustine's Abbey (Ramsgate, England). Title: The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Principal Saints. January .. circulating poison in the shape of books, is not the Spirit of truth, and of Him who has. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means without written Title: Saints: the story of the Church of Jesus Christ in the latter days.

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Saints and the Continuity of Religious Tradition. Appendix I: Patron . Bible, and the prayer book – were staples of Roman Catholic life in English-speaking. Inspirational books from the saints of the Catholic Church for reading and download, Download Douai-Rheims Bible - Original - Old Testament - Book I PDF. University. Libraru. BR B25 V Lives of the saints. 3 .. Gospel message had been conveyed to the boundaries of. Spain, to the.

May be read online on Newman Reader. The Autobiography of St. Anthony Mary Claret. Blessed Fidelis Chojnacki [Pamphlet]. Translation from the article in Sulle orme dei Santi, , p. Blessed Maria Maddalena Martinengo [Booklet]. Translation based on an article by Costanzo Cargnoni in Sulle orme dei santi, , p. Blessed Symforian Ducki [Pamphlet]. Black, Ltd. With Imprimatur. Available at Internet Archive and Open Library. Fort-Augustus: Abbey Press,

Lord Jesus, say I, what can have brought the sorrows of death into the soul of life except love, which, exciting commiseration, drew thereby our miseries into thy sovereign heart?

Now a devout soul, seeing this abyss of heaviness and distress in this divine lover, how can she be without a holily loving sorrow? But considering, on the other hand, that all the afflictions of her well-beloved proceed from no imperfection or want of strength, but from the greatness of his dearest love, she cannot but melt away with a holy sorrowful love.

So that she cries: "I am black" with sorrow by compassion, but beautiful with love by complacency; the anguish of my well-beloved "has changed my colour": for how could a faithful lover behold such torments in him whom she loves more than her life, without swooning away and becoming all wan and wasted with grief.

Francis of Assisi - Works of the Seraphic Father 'These are the weapons by which the chaste soul is overcome: looks, speeches, touches, embraces. He who retires into the desert avoids three combats: seeing, hearing, and detraction. Fly from the world, if thou wilt be pure. If thou art pure, the world does not delight thee. Gertrude the Great - The Exercises 'Thou art the glorious mirror of the Most Holy Trinity, into which the eyes of the clean of heart may gaze, here only darkly, but there face to face.

Come, sprinkle me over with Thy purity, and I shall be cleansed. Touch the secret places of my heart with Thy cleanness, and I shall be made whiter than snow.

Let Thy charity, I beseech Thee, prevail by its greatness, and let Thy merits infold me with their abundant holiness, lest I be held back from Thy beauty by my unlikeness.

Tu es praeclarum sanctae Trinitatis speculum, quod ibi facie ad faciem, hic autem in aenigmate solum, licet intueri per mundi cordis oculum. Tange tua munditia cordis mei intima, et super nivem dealbabor.

Praevaleat quaeso tuae charitatis magnitudo, et involvat me meritorum tuorum copiosa sanctitudo, ne impediat me a te meae venustatis dissimilitudo. Mechtilde - Preces Gertrudianae 'This prayer was revealed to St.

Gertrude during an unusually abundant influx of grace and light. Our Lord said to her: Whoever repeats this prayer shall receive the grace to know me more intimately, and shall receive in his soul the splendour of my Divinity, even as he who holds up to the sun a mirror of pure gold collects therein the dazzling efflugence of its rays.

Ignatius of Loyola - The Autobiography of 'In the meantime the divine mercy was at work substituting for these thoughts others suggested by his recent readings.

While perusing the life of Our Lord and the saints, he began to reflect, saying to himself: "What if I should do what Saint Francis did? He seemed to feel a certain readiness for doing them, with no other reason except this thought: "Saint Dominic did this; I, too, will do it.

This succession of thoughts occupied him for a long while, those about God alternating with those about the world. But in these thoughts there was this difference.

When he thought of worldly things it gave him great pleasure, but afterward he found himself dry and sad. But when he thought of journeying to Jerusalem, and of living only on herbs, and practising austerities, he found pleasure not only while thinking of them, but also when he had ceased.

This difference he did not notice or value, until one day the eyes of his soul were opened and he began to inquire the reason of the difference.

Encyclopedia Of Saints

Ignatius of Loyola - Letters and Instructions 'It is to be noted, that if one be of a choleric temperament, and should converse with another who is choleric, if they be not in everything of the same mind, there is a great danger of their conversation becoming heated.

Consequently, one who knows that he is of a choleric temperament must go strongly armed, even in regard to the smallest details about to be discussed with others, with examen and other precautions, to endure and not to lose his temper with the other party, especially if he knows that other to be weak in self-control.

In conversing with phlegmatic or melancholic persons there is less danger of discord through heated words. Ignatius of Loyola - The Spiritual Exercises 'It is likewise to be remarked that, as, in the time of consolation, it is easy and not irksome to be in contemplation the full hour, so it is very hard in the time of desolation to fill it out.

For this reason, the person who is exercising himself, in order to act against the desolation and conquer the temptations, ought always to stay somewhat more than the full hour; so as to accustom himself not only to resist the adversary, but even to overthrow him. Ignatius of Loyola - A Thought from for Each Day of the Year 'Adversity is such, that it is really advantageous to the just man, for it causes him a profitable loss; just as a shower of precious stones might break the leaves of the vine, but would replace them by the most beautiful treasures.

Peter and St. Paul, Minn. Available in PDF format at Philonoeses.

Louis, Mo. With Imprimatur and comments of approbation from various bishops. Available in multiple formats at Open Library and Internet Archive. Pictures of Christian Heroism.

Online ebooks: Lives of the Saints

With preface by Henry Edward Manning Available at Open Library. Coffey, Catholic Record Printing House, Available in multiple formats at Textual. Popes through the Ages, by Joseph Brusher S. May be read online at New Advent and Fish Eaters. Its role as historic evidence of early Christian teaching on the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Mother is discussed on Catholic Answers.

Please approach materials at the website with caution. Peter, Bishop of Rome, or, The Roman Episcopate of the Prince of the Apostles: proved from the Fathers, history, and archaeology, and illustrated by arguments from other sources, by Rev. Livius, C. Kenedy and Sons, The Saints of the Canon of the Mass, by Rev.

Nicholas Gihr. Faber and M. Mueller Milwaukee, Wis. Francis, by G. - Lives of Saints

Biography, Saints. Available at G. Saint Lorenzo da Brindisi [Booklet]. Saint Veronica Giuliani [Booklet]. Disponible en Open Library y Internet Archive. Avila: Sucesores de A.

Con Imprimatur. Disponible en Internet Archive y Open Library. Christian, O. August Dominic, Founder of the Order of Preachers A. A 6-page excerpt from Fr. Available at the University of Arizona. Mary, Riverside. Available in PDF format through this page of the St. Cletus Parish website. Peter at Rome: being an historical dissertation; with an appendix, containing reference to the discussion held in Rome, February 9th and 10th, , in the Hall of the Pontificia Academia Tiberina, between three Catholic priests and three evangelical ministers, concerning the coming of St.

Peter, his name and his office: as set forth in holy scripture, by T. Allies Thomas Aquinas, by Jacques Maritain. Thomas Aquinas and Medieval Philosophy, by D. Kennedy, O. Available at the Jacques Maritain Center.

Online ebooks: Lives of the Saints

Thomas, the Apostle, in India: an investigation based on the latest researches in connection with the time-honoured tradition regarding the martyrdom of St. Thomas in southern India, by F. Madras: Hoe and Co. With an Introduction by A. The Story of Hildebrand, St. From the series Heroes of the Church.

A Tale of Two Wonderworkers: St. Nicholas of Myra in the Writings and Life of St. Thomas Aquinas, by Peter A. The subjects of the book include A. Or, Ode to the English Martyrs. A Poem.

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