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    Archangels Legion Pdf

    Nalini Singh is the New York Times bestselling author of dozens of novels, including the Psy/Changeling series and the Guild Hunter series. Born in Fiji. Get Instant Access to PDF File: #c4c9b0 Archangel's Legion: Guild Hunter Series, Book 6 B01muc1q5k By Nalini Singh PDF EBOOK EPUB. theban legion archangel 39 s blade the guild hunter series pdf - archangels storm september. archangels legion october archangels.

    Her characters matter. A must-read for anyone familiar with the series. Archangel's Blade "Stuns with intensity. Left me raw and aching at the end in the best way possible. Fascinating world-building.

    She's the best of the best! View all 62 comments. Dec 28, Maya rated it it was amazing Shelves: Third re-read: January 17th First read: I think this is the story and action that we've all been waiting for since the first book.

    Finally we get the fight between Raphael and the archangel of death. I simply loved it. The build up to this point is long but that's how it should be. It made the whole journey that more exciting and at the same time mysterious. And the battle itself was perfectly executed. Th Third re-read: There were some new answers, new powers and new clues about the future. I really enjoyed the whole story.

    Archangel's Legion

    Not even Raphael's ex was able to ruin that for me, although she did get on my nerves. I felt the same way Elena did and I wouldn't mind, if she did do the things she wanted to do to this 'past friend' of Raphael's. But anyway, I loved that there was truly nothing that could even remotely harm their bond and their love. They are a super couple and there is simply nothing that could bring them apart. I wished we would see more of Bluebell and Sparkle but there is still hope that they get their own stories.

    View all 11 comments. Jan 23, Jilly rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oh my gosh, Nalini Singh!! Girl's got some serious skills in making me feel the beautiful relationship between the two main characters in this series. I actually find myself smiling when I am reading, and feeling all swoony over the beautiful words.

    Never had she expected to find him, to fall so deeply, wildly, insanely in love - and sometimes, her soul-deep joy in their passionate entanglement terrified her Things such as birds falling from the sky, the river turning to blood, and blood raining down from the sky. Of course, this is New York, and it takes a hella lot more than raining blood to get to jaded Manhattanites.

    Yeah, right! I was in a giant earthquake 22 years ago and it was insane - the damage, lives lost, everything But, dammit, there were guys selling t-shirts that said, "I survived the Northridge Earthquake" on every street corner the very next day.

    Never underestimate the power of the human spirit - especially when it comes to making a buck. Out of curiosity, I Googled to see if there were pics of the one I specifically remembered, and here it is. Raphael is trying to reject the power that keeps trying to come to him because too much power makes the angels go crazy.

    And, crazy angels have a tendency to become homicidal killing machines from above. He wants to avoid that But, other angels are not avoiding their new powers and Raphael's enemy decides it is time for a full-scale war of biblical proportions. Yeah, you do not want to be under an angel-fight! You'll be pulling feathers out of your hair for weeks. It's like sand, after the beach The characters in this series are so complex and intriguing.

    After all of these books, I feel like I know them and I'm desperate for some of them to have their own love stories. What adorable fan art!!

    They look so cute! There is one scene in this book between two of the male angels that was so touching that I can't wait for the next book just to see where it goes. For anyone who hasn't read this series. If you like PNR, you have got to try this one! There are lots of books out, so you don't have to wait forever for the next one for a long time.

    Go, go read the first one now and let me know what you think! View all 31 comments. Sep 07, Seena Seena marked it as to-read. Oh hellllll no! Seriously a whole year??? I don't know how I can wait a whole year. I will go crazy over thinking about this. View all 5 comments. Sep 12, Esra rated it it was amazing Shelves: I absolutely loved it. She's the goddess of all writers.

    I must say I love all hot scenes between elena and raphael. I was like lol , yeah thanks nalini ,you've ruined all other men on universe for me: İlgiyi hep ayakta tutuyor. Angels, Archangels, Power and Love, among a galaxy of Stars A world where angels rule as creatures of extraordinary power, to be admired from afar. Archangels hold the balance of good and evil in their hands and vampires are slaves to their angelic masters. Where strategy saves your life and dooms thousands in a complex and deadly game of chess.

    Where the most powerful Archangel fell in love with a mortal and dying he fed her ambrosia uniting them in life and death. In this world, Cascade, is in fu Angels, Archangels, Power and Love, among a galaxy of Stars A world where angels rule as creatures of extraordinary power, to be admired from afar.

    In this world, Cascade, is in full effect and no one will emerge unscathed. Rivers of crimson and nightmares given flesh, the world will never again be the same… Angels are falling from the sky in New York, struck down by a vicious, unknown force. Is a new angel with midnight and dawn wings, the fault in an Archangel's armor or together will prove even stronger than fear and abomination? Time will tell, if they manage to survive Complex, unique, lyrical, beautiful, brutal and almost haunting, Mrs.

    Singh world is full of emotions and twists. Excellent and consistent story, unparalleled world-building. I could and I want to read 12 more books about Raphael and Elena and not be disappointed even for a page. Alas, I can't reveal much about the actual plot without spoiling it for someone who is about to start this series. Only that he or she must do so, NOW! It has it all Intrigue, passion, sensuality and power, all interwoven in what came to be my favourite series. My only complaint?

    It's going to be awhile to revisit the all-powerful Archangel and his Guild Hunter Consort that makes him more mortal. Lijuan has a few wounds to lick and more monstrosities to think of. And they do deserve a private dance. Moreover, i can feel it Something sparkly and something blue, are getting anxious. They have some great stories to tell and they have been waiting for too long.

    So, Aodhan or Ilium? My bet is on Bluebell. He is too pretty to patiently wait his turn. Not unless his Archangel demands it! Expected publication: Already pre-ordered it Oct 29, Ferdy rated it it was ok Shelves: Spoilers Archangel's Legion wasn't quite as engrossing as I thought it'd be. I did enjoy all the stuff that was happen Spoilers Archangel's Legion wasn't quite as engrossing as I thought it'd be.

    Elena still getting used to being an angel, her and Raphael's relationship going strong, Raphael's city under attack, angels falling from the sky, and vamps infected with tainted blood. Elena and co also have to deal with the Cascade - Raphael is getting weird new powers, as are other archangels. There's also a war brewing between Raphael and creepy-crazy-zombie-making-weirdo-who-thinks-she's-a-god-but-is-actually-an-archangel, Lijuan.

    She did very little to gain their love, respect, and approval — she didn't deserve that level of acceptance. They didn't need to be dicks to her, but I would have preferred them not worshipping her when she hadn't done enough to warrant that level of adoration. All she did was whine, and moan, and have nightmares about them. Which would be fine if she hadn't been like that in the first book — where's the character growth?!

    It was just the same shit that was going on in book 1. Yea, there was a little bit of development with her dad but it wasn't nowhere enough for my liking. Elena was a cow to her half-sister, Amy.

    She barely paid any attention to her, she only cared about her other half-sister, Eve or whatever her name was. Because Eve had the Hunter gene, she always checked up on her and did all sorts for her but poor Amy got ignored. I hope Amy tells Elena what a rubbish sister she is to her. He used to be much more compelling, there was nothing interesting about his character in this one — probably because he suffered from speshul snowflake syndrome. Him becoming more powerful, gaining freaky new angelic powers, and being the bestest archangel of them all, didn't equal a personality… If anything, it just made him more dull.

    I really didn't like him. Sure, he had a bit of a crappy past when his mum went crazy and tried to kill him but in the present, he had everything going for him. Okay, he was at war with Lijuan but that was his only obstacle. He had the most important things in his life — love, power, loyalty, money, friendship, respect, family.

    He didn't have any real personal difficulties, he had it all, and that made him bland. It was ridiculous. I'm sick of this trope, its in most books I read. Most women don't actually want to get back with their ex, so I don't understand why every ex-girlfriend of a hero is so desperate to get back with them, especially when they're with someone else. He thought it was a cool to act like a complete dick to his daughters because of something that happened decades ago — he saw his Guild Hunter mum killed by vampires, and that was why he was such a fucker to Elena.

    So instead of talking to Elena about why he hated her being a Hunter, he instead threw her out when she was a teenager, acted like he didn't love her, and alternated between ignoring her and being a bastard to her for a decade… He destroyed his relationship with her over something that happened when he was 4 years old. Ugh, it was disgusting that he was so willing to forever ruin his bond with Elena all because he couldn't confide in her. He was a rubbish dad, he was happy to fuck up Elena's life instead of confront his own fears.

    He put himself above his daughter. He was a fucking bastard. Every single one of them had serious issues: Whereas most of the male Cadre Titus, Astaad, Raphael, Elijah were decent archangels… They were all honourable, intelligent, and respected.

    So basically women in power end up fucked up because it's unnatural for them to have power, they become corrupted because their weak minds can't handle too much power. Whilst most men are able to handle it and thus won't abuse their power. What the hell was the Primary talking about? What's an Aiclair? Does it just mean soulmates? The war between Raphael and Lijuan was the most entertaining part, everything before then was kind of slow and blah. I'm guessing Lijuan isn't dead, I'm sure she'll come back and cause loads of chaos again.

    He doesn't deserve to be her husband or the dad to her child. I'm not sure if it was meant to be romantic or not, it wasn't very clear. I'm no longer interested in Illium or Venom, Venom is too much of a manslut and Illium keeps banging on about that human he once loved and it's pretty clear that she was the love of his life, anyone he loves after her will just be him settling and yea, that's not romantic.

    All in all, this was a bit of a disappointment. There were certain parts of the plot that were enjoyable, and the romance wasn't completely terrible, but Elena and Raphael were no longer endearing to me, they turned into boring speshul snowflakes. View all 16 comments. October Re-read: I'd forgotten so much of this book! I was glued to the pages, waiting to see what would happen, struck by the implications of things we learned. I had my heart broken, and bursting with happiness.

    Just wow. Original review: Just when I think Nalini Singh can't possibly outdo herself, she proves me wrong. From the earliest pages in this book, until I turned the very last one, I was on the edge of my seat - unable to think of anything but needing to know what happened next October Re-read: From the earliest pages in this book, until I turned the very last one, I was on the edge of my seat - unable to think of anything but needing to know what happened next.

    I'm not even sure how to review this book without fan-girling, I loved it so much. I've read the whole thing twice now and done scenes even more. This is the fourth full-length novel focusing on Raphael and Elena - and despite my thoughts that their story was pretty much told in Archangel's Consort , there's still plenty to explore as evidenced here.

    I've always loved the relationship dynamic between Elena and Raphael. Raphael is a centuries old Archangel - one of the most powerful beings in the world - and Elena is a new-immortal, with only twenty-some years of life behind her. That alone will create a gulf that a lot of people might not be able to overcome. Yet, Raphael and Elena are continuously negotiating their boundaries When something comes up that is going to press up against Elena, potentially leaving her in a very large power deficit, she finds the words to discuss it with Raphael and he listens.

    They may not always resolve it satisfactorily for them both right away, but they're always working towards that. That, right there, shows their love for each other so clearly to me. The overarcing plot of the book, I'll admit, had me in tears more than once. The first scene with angels falling from the sky was heart-wrenching, the aftermath as much so.

    It's clear for most of the book that things are coming to a head; there are overt signs of war, and insidious signs of something else - something that's nearly stalking Raphael, and we're not quite sure what it is.

    It's a challenge for him, though, that's for sure - and again, it's Elena that helps keep him grounded, a little bit mortal, if you will. I was on the edge of my seat the entire book; I had to know what was going on. The last or so pages are so intense that I stayed up until 2am just to finish; I immediately turned to the beginning and started again so I could take the journey a little more leisurely.

    Also, we finally get to learn more about Naasir - and can I just say what he manages to do with just two other people in the climactic scene was amazing, and made me grin completely unexpectedly. Raphael's Seven, and Elena's friends play important roles in this novel, and as always I'm left wanting more. They're, each and every one, fantastic. I was blown away, and I can not wait to see what's next! Review also available at The Book Eaters Excellent.

    Full review to come. View all 24 comments. Nov 03, Choko rated it really liked it Shelves: We need to get our hunting on!!! She does not stop at the moment when a loving couple hooks up and where usually fairy-tales say "And they lived Happily Ever After! She is not satisfied with that, because, just like us, she knows very well there is life after the moment of falling in love and committing to a relationship.

    There is work! Noooo, don't take that as me saying there is tedium. Maybe, at times, but hopefully rarely, there is that too. But mostly, there is the long period of living and caring for someone else as much or maybe more than you ever did for yourself.

    There is the period of adjustment having someone in your space at all times, having to consider their wants, needs or dislikes, having to adjust to what matters to you and what you could leave behind in order to smooth the edges of daily struggles and making your couple a true unit, ready to stand together against the difficulties the rest of the world could bring against you.

    End even those seemingly mundane struggles, Nalini makes into a fun and enjoyable read, and this is what I call a storyteller: In one word - a tone of action, blood, war and drama - what more can a girl want????

    Titus moves the earth, Astaad the sea, while creepy Lijuan brings the dead back to life. Meanwhile, my gorgeous archangel, not satisfied with, I don't know, shooting lightning bolts or something, actually taps into the energy of the planet and calls an army of bogeymen from the bottom of the ocean.

    Of course you do. The dry commentary made him wonder how he'd ever walked through life without the wit and laughter of his hunter by his side. He could no longer imagine such a cold, remote existence, the idea of it spawning an immediate repudiation in his bloodstream. Also, we met some more of the faithful Seven, whom Raphael's mom very appropriately calls "The Menagerie": And some very gray, very odd creatures are introduced, which gave the name of this book and despite of making the ending very much a "lucky coincidence" of an outcome, I think will make this Guild Hunter World even more interesting.

    Reading this book was so much fun, it felt like it flew by and I was left craving more!!! I wish you all Happy Reading and may you also never get enough of the literary adventures of your favorite heroes!!!! View all 6 comments. Oct 31, Robin Bridge Four rated it liked it Shelves: Here is the problem I have with Raphael and Elena sometimes. One minute they are great and having sex and everything is pretty wonderful and then there is some silly and I do mean silly argument that comes a little out of nowhere.

    Or Raphael becomes an arrogant ass and decides he knows all being like so Elena should just suck it up and why are you still upset over this.

    However, the good news is that the overall plot line progresses well. So we are learning with her how to incorporate more and more of Angel life and politics into what she is doing. The few big reveals in this book like the power that is trying to overtake Raphael was interesting and I really liked a few of the developments there. But the best parts in this book for me rarely had anything to do with Elena and Raphael together.

    Most of those had to do with the side characters like: Elena and Ransom just interacting — Do you scent the same things I do? While I still think he is a totally jerk at least I understand his motivations a little better.

    Naasir though…he is a creepshow I want way more info on. After that, I ate his liver and his heart. Over time, it has become a tradition—Galen is always the one who gives basic flight instruction to the babes, and some, like Izak, never stop training with him. They are outnumbered, there is no hope How will they ever win. Stuff like that…. But this did have some very valuable developments moving on in the story and so it was worth putting up with some random angst thrown in.

    View all 4 comments. Oct 28, Jo rated it it was amazing Shelves: This truth I must confront—in me lives more power than any other angel my age has ever had. That much power changes a man, and it changed me. His thumb caressing her cheekbone, his face close to her own. Illium seems to have forgotten I promised to separate his tongue from his mouth should he utter it again in his immortal lifetime. Elena made a squeaking sound as Naasir nipped her sharply on the chin.

    We did not begin this war, but we will end it! If you love paranormal romance, this series is a must read.

    View all 12 comments. Mar 15, Sammy Loves Books rated it really liked it Shelves: Archangel Raphael. I have missed you! I swear, nobody does urban fantasy romance better that Nalini Singh.

    Her world building is out of this world and her characters are awesome. I will read anything Singh writes and I cannot wait for her next one! I love this series! I love this whole universe! Power is growing among the archangels and everyone is gaining new abilities, though I wish I knew what they were!!!

    Ash and Janvier thank God they are having the n I love this series! Ash and Janvier thank God they are having the next book, I seriously can't wait 2. He has potential, but I am thinking he won't have his book in the next couple of years: Uber-potential there too!!!!

    He doesn't have to have a book but I want him to appear, at least! This series, folks, is urban fantasy at its finest. Throughout the story, I couldn't get enough of Elena and Raphael and Illium, but I was also thrilled to get to know a few of the other members of The Seven better. Naasir and Aodhan both have significantly larger parts in this book than in any of the previous ones and their character development is superb.

    Archangels legion guild hunter 6 by nalini singh epub

    I'm already speculating about the relationship between illium and Aodhan, and what the heck is Naasir anyway? It was fab getting to see Honor and Dmitri again and especially to hear her commentary on his, ah, skills , as well as newly-in-love spymaster Jason. The action in this book is beyond intense and the last 30 pages just about killed me, my heart was racing so fast the entire time. Singh really amped up the danger level for ALL the characters in this one and held off on revealing the big development until right at the end.

    It made me crazy and jittery and glued to the pages! The story also wrapped up nicely after the nearly-traumatic ending, so there's enough time to come down from the ledge and take a safe breath again, get our proverbial feet under us before we have to wait another many months for the next installment. I want to avoid spoilers as much as possible but I will say this No matter what it feels like while reading the final chapter of this book, take comfort in knowing that it does NOT have a cliffhanger ending and it is totally worth the ride!

    I'm both glad it's over and impatiently awaiting the next chapter in this scintillating and addicting universe! Long live the Guild Hunter series!! This series, and Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling world, might as well be the raison d'etre for the urban fantasy genre!

    Here are some fun quotes to send you off with Trying to keep her wings from trailing in the crap, [Elena] took a step inside Biting back her instinctive scream, she glared at Ransom - who was very conspicuously not grinning. Rats quiver at your presence. Rate it up on site here: View 2 comments. Guild Hunter Fans, paranormal romance, angels, vampires.

    I really enjoyed getting to know a little more about Aodhan, Illiam, and Naasir even though I'm not quite sure what Naasir is. Fans of the "Guild Hunter" series will not be disappointed!

    Favorite Quotes: You make me a better man and a better leader than I would've ever been without you. Well, I can't do this without you, Guild Hunter. Feb 12, Melanie A. Nalini Singh has my number. She writes the perfect balance of romance, smut, and action, and then ties it all together with an incredibly interesting cast of characters. This installment goes back to the core of the overarching story of Raphael and Elena. For no power on earth would I trade my Elena.

    View all 8 comments. Aug 16, Paula rated it it was amazing Shelves: Then Vampires start dying from a disease they should be immune to. Many of the Angels were severely damaged and it could take months for them to heal.

    Over the course of the story, secrets are revealed, bonds are tested, love is strengthened, and alliances are formed. With war on the horizon, will they be able to save their city and survive the dark, powerful, and relentless force that wants ultimate power? It just gets better with age. This series revolves around Raphael and Elena, who are one of my favorite couples in this genre.

    And the majority of this story focuses on the already prominent relationship between them. There is something so incredibly heady and primal about their relationship.

    They have an unbreakable bond that continues to strengthen with each installment. I really enjoyed seeing Elena come into her own as the consort in this installment. She really steps up as the compassionate and strong consort the angels can look up to and find solace. But these two are still trying to find their footing with one another.

    They both have strong personalities that tend to clash and, while they do bring out the best in each other, they can also bring out the worse. Elena is a warrior hunter used to taking care of herself. She continues to struggle with the nightmares from her past and issues with her father. Relying on Raphael proves to be a challenge. But she is coming to emotional terms that she is still considered a baby angel in their world, even though she is still a bad ass hunter, and learns to lean more on Raphael for strength and support.

    But every day he grows and changes as he learns more about humanity from Elena. Elena might possibly be his weakness, but this weakness works in his favor. We are shown in this installment how different they are personality-wise as they grapple with compromise and crossing lines on certain things. They grow frustrated and angry with one another at times, which made for some molten hot angry sex scenes that were raw and passionate.

    But, when they made love, it was sensual and lovely. Raphael and Elena continue to leave me breathless with their achingly beautiful words, sensual touches and kisses, loyalty, and shining love they have for one another. But no matter how often they might not see eye to eye on certain matters, they always find a way to make it work as they learn from one another. They are the perfect balance that makes each other whole.

    They are all incredibly intriguing with their dark secrets. They are powerful, unique, beautifully sexy, and always loyal to their sire, Raphael. I was stoked to get plenty of page time with my favorite warrior, Illium.

    I love that blue angel Elena calls Bluebell. My new favorite angel is Aodhan. There is one scene in particular that had my heart in my throat between Aodhan and Illium. I really hope we get the other five of the Seven. Nalini Singh is a master storyteller when it comes to spinning captivating stories with uniquely flawed and vibrant characters. The writing is rich in description and eloquent. I love the little twist at the end of this story that has me curious to see where Singh is taking that little piece of the storyline.

    A Heat: View all 10 comments. With a special thanks to the Seven, of course! The most EPIC book so far in the series! That was awesome! That was more than awesome, that was freaking amazeballs! The publisher does not have any control over and does not assume any responsibility for author or third-party websites or their content. If you downloadd this book without a cover, you should be aware that this book is stolen property.

    It was reported as "unsold and destroyed" to the publisher, and neither the author nor the publisher has received any payment for this "stripped book.

    She'd sat on this very bench, musing on the fact that even the ducks couldn't be nonviolent as her mind fought frantically to find a way out of the mess in which she'd found herself-a mess that had seen her tracking a mad archangel for another immortal as lethal. Shimmering white-gold over her vision as she lifted her eyes to the sky, an echo of that fateful day.

    I just like this spot. Right now, with winter's kiss in the air, the tree was all bone, stark against the evergreens. Not in comparison to older immortals, of course, and way below Raphael's league, but her personal fortune was more than respectable when it came to a fledgling immortal.

    Earned in the hunt that had broken her back, made her bleed until her throat filled with the iron dark fluid, and brought Raphael into her life, the money was currently amassing ridiculous amounts of interest in her Guild account.

    Before you know it, I'll be one of the angels who lunch. Hair of darkest midnight and eyes of a painful blue found nowhere else on this earth, Raphael was a man blooded with power-no one would ever mistake him for anything but what he was: an archangel who had the capacity to snuff out a life as easily as she might crush an ant.

    The wings that arced over his shoulders only deepened the sense of dangerous temptation. His feathers were white, but for fine filaments of pure gold that caught the eye and the light. Flawless wings, but for the astonishing "scar" of golden feathers where she'd once shot him.

    A few months back, his primaries, too, had begun to turn gold, only for the process to continue past yellow-gold and to a glittering metallic white. Now the sun caught on those primaries as he laughed, igniting an illusion of white fire.


    Lijuan called it giving "life," but her walking dead servants were nightmares, a plague upon the world-and the worst thing was, many of them knew it, their eyes screaming for help even as their bodies shuffled to follow the commands of their mistress.

    Then there were the strange desiccated bodies found near her stronghold that no one could figure out. The general consensus was that they were failed attempts at creating reborn, but whether that was good news or bad news was anyone's guess. And oh yeah, let's not forget smashing to the earth after being ripped out of the sky.

    I may otherwise be driven to pluck out my own eyes and I believe you are quite fond of them. The Ancient had left her son broken and bloodied on a forsaken field an eon ago, but she'd also risen perilously early from a centuries-long Sleep to save the life of that same son.

    The back of her left hand was bruised from a tussle with a recalcitrant vampire she'd retrieved for the Guild a few hours before, and her palms, when she flipped over her hands, proved to have a plethora of calluses. Even her newly immortal body couldn't erase those calluses, not when she worked constantly with weapons.

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